Inspire you to reclaim self love and empowerment through pleasure-based sexual education, exploration and understanding to realize deeper personal freedom and access greater health and happiness.

4L Solutions was founded in January 2020 by LOVE Queen Layla, a Professional Dominatrix, Language (Mandarin/ESL) + Sex Educator, Performer and Speaker. Raised in Beijing, China and internationally educated, she taught Mandarin and ESL for 18+ years before finding her true and natural area of expertise: sexuality, the soul, body, mind in relation to health and wellness, and realized the importance of sex education and language to destigmatize STIs, BDSM/Kink, and shame surrounding being a living, breathing, sexual human being. Discovering herself in New York in 2013, she began her own healing journey towards sexual freedom and has made it her mission to inspire others by being a personal example and esoteric teacher. Her workshop & coaching methodology "Embrace Your Essence Unleash Your Power  " utilizes her background in theatre, hospitality, education, dance, qigong and martial arts, and takes you on a metamorphic self exploration. She is the creator of KinkyChinese which bridges the gap between second language learning, BDSM/Kink, sexual exploration and understanding, teaching people to communicate their intimate needs, desires and personal preferences in a non-native language. You will find her innovative approach to language and sexuality education refreshing, as she finds new ways to ignite your imagination while instigating you to raise your vibration.

In May 2020 in the midst of the corona virus quarantine, LOVE Queen Layla started the sexuality podcast, Punani Productions, as a free and accessible way for everyone around the world to enter the "aural" Portal to Freedom  through inspirational pick me ups from the heart (only 8 mins long) and guest empowerment stories with guests from around the world.

LOVE Queen Layla is not only a life long educator, she is a role model in the community. A survivor of rape, sexual coercion and trafficking that has used her past to revivify her future, personally ending shame & stigma surrounding STIs, our bodies, BDSM and sexuality. As an STI+ educator + advocate for awareness (HIV with proper treatment is UNDETECTABLE = UNTRANSMUTABLE) and through volunteer work as core outreach member and ESL language consultant with Red Canary Song, she teaches pleasure based sex education and inspires you to Be You. Be Free. Be Happy! Through radical self love and acceptance, she blossomed into a butterfly warrior and LOVE KNIGHT for sexual freedom. People often find her positivity to be contagious!

LOVE Queen Layla is a published fetish model, actor and voice over artist, and commands the stage as Master of Ceremonies, Event Host and Video Vixen staging exuberant kink/BDSM/kungfu influenced performances.

Experience an inimitable LOVE TRANSFUSION permeate as she illuminates the way, transforming you in the Portal to Freedom.

4L Solutions provides custom learning packages, bespoke transformational coaching and tailor made experiences just for you based on your special needs and desires.

Mutual respect, open and honest communication are expected.

Privacy and confidentiality are assured.

Whether you're just curious, or you're ready to take action toward your dreams, 4L Solutions is here to help.

Find your solution with 4L Solutions.