Inspire you to reclaim self love and empowerment through pleasure-based sexual education, exploration and understanding to realize deeper personal freedom and access greater health and happiness.


Knowledge is power and education is the pathway to FREEDOM.

4L Solutions is the global emissary for freedom, championing Human Rights, Mental Health and Sexual Freedom eradicating stigma around sexuality, STC's (sexually transmitted conditions), BDSM/kink, sex work, language and communication.

Working with the private and public sectors informing global governments through survivor-led awareness, engagement, education and empowerment.

4L Solutions is the language and cultural bridge for U.S. and China, working with individuals, business people, companies and policymakers to extirpate societal shame around sexuality, HIV and STC's, closing the gap with 2nd language learning and intercommunication with the world, transforming humanity helping people live happier, healthier lives.


4L Solutions is a survivor led, woman owned social enterprise providing custom dual language (English/Mandarin) PLEASURE based learning and training, FUN event facilitation speaking and performances, bespoke anti-stigma transformational language & cultural FREEDOM consulting & exciting tailor made experiences based on your special needs, desires and budgets.

Mutual respect, open and honest communication are expected.

Privacy and confidentiality are assured.

Whether you're just curious, or you're ready to take action toward your dreams, 4L Solutions is here to help.

Find your solution with 4L Solutions. 


Yes to health, FUN, and freedom :)

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