The new way to learn!

Bridging the gap between language learning, sexuality, BDSM/Kink and communication.

Learn to express your intimate needs and desires in a non-native language.

(English as a second language also available - KinkyEnglish/ESL)

Have fun + be open & honest = true to yourself = transformation = personal freedom

VIP Lessons

Bespoke packages for the busy individual. Whether you're preparing for an important business trip, need a quick lesson on cultural customs and important phrases, or desire to explore real communication and true pleasure with your partner in another language. 4L Solutions is your solution.

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Event Confidante

Attending a special event? Require an exciting bilingual date? Need extra confidence to speak in your non-native tongue? 4L Solutions is here to help.

Tone/Accent Reduction/Oral Practice Preparation

Practice makes progress. Learn in a relaxed environment while being accepted for who you are. Fun meets making you feel comfortable while setting you up for success (single event or multi-package options)

Entertainment Industry Liaison

Interpreting (Mandarin/English) for TV/Films and on-set BDSM expert with over twenty years experience in the classroom and in the field of hospitality and guest relations.

4L Solutions provides custom learning packages, bespoke transformational coaching and tailor made experiences just for you based on your special needs and desires.

Mutual respect, open and honest communication are expected.

Privacy and confidentiality are assured.

Whether you're just curious, or you're ready to take action toward your dreams, 4L Solutions is here to help.

Find your solution with 4L Solutions.